DUBRO 101: How to Install the EZ Mount Cowl

DUBRO 101: How to Install the EZ Mount Cowl

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The E/Z Mount Cowl System is an easy, clean, and secure way to install your cowl. With just a few basic tools you can have your cowl mounted in minutes. The included instructions on the back of the product card are a perfect guide but here are some additional steps to review as you follow those instructions:

  • Basic tools needed are a screwdriver set, hex/ allen key set, a drill, and drill bit set. 
  • Sort through your included parts to organize them by type, specifically noting the two different types of screws.
  • Review the product card diagram and instructions noting and selecting the correct size drill bits and hex/ allen keys for your installation.
  • Install the mounts to the cowl noting whether you are using a cowl overlap or butt-joint installation. 
  • Place the cowl in position and use a pencil to mark where the brackets need just one screw to be drilled. Drill one hole for each bracket for the screws and remove the brackets from the cowl, then screwing them into the fuselage. 
  • Dry fit the cowl to the fuselage and then adjust the mounts. Drill holes for the second screw on each bracket, install those screws and tighten all installed screws.
  • Install the cowl to the fuselage using the hex/ allen screws, rubber isolators and nylon washers. 
  • The nylon washer will readily accept paint or covering film but primer is recommended prior to paint application. 


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