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Wholesale Ordering:

We recommend contacting on our full line distributors to place your wholesale orders. If you do not have access to a distributor or your source does not have sufficient inventory, feel free to set up your DU-BRO Direct account. Click here to request access to our portal for easy 24/7 ordering and fast shipping of our entire line of quality products. If you have questions, feel free to call us or email us, we are always happy to help.

Price Sheets:

L3 Distributor Price Sheet


Complete Merchandising Brochure

Dealer Starter Center (SMS05)
Plan-O-Gram:  SMS05_PLAN_O_GRAM.pdf
Price Sheet:  SMS05.pdf

Fastener Center
Plan-O-Gram:  FC100_PlAN_O_GRAM.pdf
Price Sheet:  FC_RACKS_2020.pdf

Fuel Tubing Display
Price Sheet:  FT100_2020.pdf
Price Sheet:  FT200_2020.pdf

Metric Fastener Center Racks
Plan-O-Gram:  MF600_PLAN_O_GRAM.pdf
Price Sheet:  MF_RACKS.pdf

Micro Hardware Center Racks
Plan-O-Gram:  MH100_PLAN_O_GRAM.pdf
Price Sheet:  MH100.pdf

Pushrod Center
Price Sheet:  PRC1000_2020.pdf

Spinner Display (ROS901)
Price Sheet: ROS901_2020.pdf


California law requires all businesses who sell products in California or online to California customers to list Prop 65 warnings on their websites for applicable items.  Please click the link below for a list of DU-BRO products that require these warnings.

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