Du-Bro 101 – How to Install a Remote Safety Ignitor on RC Airplane

Du-Bro 101 – How to Install a Remote Safety Ignitor on RC Airplane

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There's no need to place your fingers close to a spinning prop when removing the glow driver from your model's engine. Du-Bro's Remote Safety Ignitor allows you to move the glow driver connection to a safe and convenient location. The standard Remote Safety Ignitor (#793) works great on most 2-stroke engines. The version for recessed glow plugs (#794) is perfect for 4-stroke engines and others where the glow plug is less accessible. Installation is easy:

  1. Decide where you want to mount the connector housing. The location should be easy to reach when starting your engine and it must have balsa or plywood sheeting to support the housing.
  2. Drill a 3/8"-diameter hole through the firewall.
  3. Cut a 5/8"-diameter hole for the connector housing.
  4. Fit the Remote Safety Ignitor into place by feeding the connectors in through the large hole.
  5. Connect the glow plug clip to the post on the engine's glow plug.
  6. Clean the area where the ground terminal will be connected to the engine crankcase (example: engine mounting beam)
  7. Connect the ground terminal to the engine.
  8. Secure the connector housing to the airframe with 5-minute epoxy or GOOP.
  9. Seal the hole in the firewall with 5-minute epoxy or GOOP.
  10. Go fly!

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