Robinhood 25 RC Airplane Kit from Old School Model Works

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We're introducing the latest in Old School Model Works line of kits that you can not only build and fly successfully, but personalize them to your own taste. Old School Model Works is continuing to bring back great designs from the past and rework them to incorporate modern, laser-cut techniques to make kit building better than ever. All of Old School Model Works kits are made right here in the USA.

The Robinhood 25 is a fun-scale version of the Curtiss Robin built back in the 1920's This model retains all the good, clean looks of the original marketed by World Engines in the 1980's and retains all the great flying characteristics that make a good sport airplane.

In the air, the Robinhood 25 is a true barnstormer and is at its best when cruising on a lazy afternoon or performing some gentle aerobatics. Also, there's no problems with mown-grass runway takeoffs and landings.

Power can be from either electric or glow. We've designed the fuselage with a built-in hatch so you have quick access to either your batteries or fuel tank.

Utilizing the unique WEB-LOCK construction, you can build our wings, straight and true - with a minimum amount of fuss. And, staying true to the original Robinhood 25, Old School Model Works have replicated the original bolt-on system for the wing.

If you want to go truly "old school", this kit can be built for simple 3-channel control (rudder, elevator and throttle). For even more control, the included ailerons can be made fully functional (4 channel control).

Included in each Old School Model Works kit are full-sized rolled plans, a printed construction manual, pre-bent main gear, hand-selected balsa and ply woods, and a premium hardware package from brand-name, USA manufacturers (DuBro®, Sonic-Tronics, and others) to guarantee the best quality.

What's more is you can cover and finish your Robinhood 25 like you want, rather than being stuck with a "me-too" offering that look exactly the same as the others at your local field.

Wingspan:51 inches
Wing Area: 400 square inches
Length (airframe only): 33 inches
Weight: 3 - 3.5 pounds

  • 3 or 4 channel system
  • 2, 40-70 in./oz. servos for elevator and rudder;
  • 2, 40-70 in./oz. servos for ailerons if making a 4 channel model;
  • 1, 40-70 in./oz. servo for throttle (if using a glow engine)


  • Electric: (.25 equivalent brushless motor, 60amp ESC, 3s LiPo)
  • Glow (.20-.25 engine, 4-6 ounce tank, fuel tubing)

Recommended DU-BRO® Items to complete this fun kit:

  • 1 - 500 - 36" Lazer Rods
  • 1 - 801 - 2-56 Threaded Rods (12" / 305 MM) 6/PKG
  • 1 - 109 - 2-56 Spring Steel Clevis (threaded)
  • 1 - 112 - 2-56 Spring Steel Clevis (solder)
  • 1 - 300T wheels
  • 1 - 955 Semi-Scale Tailwheel System
  • If glow:
    • 1 additional - 109 - 2-56 Spring Steel Clevis (threaded)
    • 1 additional - 112 - 2-56 Spring Steel Clevis (solder)
    • 1 - 406 - 6 ounce fuel tank
    • 1 - 222 Super Blue Silicone (medium)
    • 1 - 840 Fill-It Fuel System
  • Additional Required Building Tools and Adhesives
    • 1 - 252 Nickel Plated T-Pins
    • 1 - PT-01 - ZAP 2oz (medium)
    • 1 - PT-08 - ZAP 1oz (thin)
    • 1 - 216 - Kwik-Hinge Slotter
  • If glow:
    • 1 - 785 - Tubing Bender
    • 1 - 666 - Kwik Start Glo Plug Igniter w/Charger
    • 1 - 696 - Exhaust Deflector

WARNING:This product (wheel collars) can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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