Javelin RC Airplane Kit from Old School Model Works

Old School Model Works

$ 240.94 


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We're introducing the latest in Old School Model Works line of kits that you can not only build and fly successfully, but personalize them to your own taste. Old School Model Works is continuing to bring back great designs from the past and rework them to incorporate modern, laser-cut techniques to make kit building better than ever. All of Old School Model Works kits are made right here in the USA.

Imagine an easy-to-build kit that has outstanding high-speed performance as well as dependable low speed stability. Now imagine it in a great looking design and you've just described the Javelin.

Bolt on a .25-sized engine and enjoy gentle flying and barnstorming. max it out with a .51-sized engine and tear up the skies with high-performance aerobatics.

All of this comes in a great looking design that is remarkably easy to build, thanks to Old School Model Works innovative design techniques and precision laser cut parts.

Because of the interlocking design and high quality laser cutting off the parts, the Javelin is a quick build. Not only does it build quick, but it also builds straight and true as all of the parts were designed to align properly with a minimum of fuss and alignment tools.

The Javelin utilizes a first for OSMW kits - a built-up main gear box. This is extremely strong, yet lightweight at the same time.

The extra large cabin area gives you easy access to install most any brands of radio and control linkages.

Up-front, we've designed in a large hatch that covers the spacious battery/tank compartment. This area will easily handle larger 4s packs and 12 ounce tanks.

Whether you choose to power your Javelin with electric or glow power, we've got you covered. The firewall comes pre-etched with markings to aid in the mounting of the included motor mount. Glow engines can be mounted upright, side, or even inverted with little modification necessary.


Wingspan:60 inches
Wing Area:710 square inches
Length (airframe only):49 inches
Weight:4-6.5 lbs. (rtf)
Radio:4 channel

Engine: Glow - .25-.51 engine / Electric (equivalent brushless motor, 3-4s LiPo)

Recommended DU-BRO® Items to complete this fun kit:

  • 1 - 500 - 36" Lazer Rods
  • 1 - 801 - 2-56 Threaded Rods (12"/ 305 MM) 6/PKG
  • 1 - 109 - 2-56 Spring Steel Clevis (threaded)
  • 1 - 112 - 2-56 Spring Steel Clevis (solder)
  • 1- 350T Tires
  • 1 - 375 Tailwheel Bracket
  • 1 - 100TW 1" Tailwheel
  • If glow:
    • 1 additional - 109 - 2-56 Spring Steel Clevis (threaded)
    • 1 additional - 112 - 2-56 Spring Steel Clevis (solder)
    • 1 - 408 - 8 ounce fuel tank
    • 1 - 840 Fill-It Fuel System
    • 1 - 222 Super Blue Silicone fuel tubing (medium)
  • Additional Required Building Tools and Adhesives
    • 1 - 252 Nickel Plated T-Pins
    • 2 - PT-01 - ZAP 2oz (medium)
    • 1 - PT-08 - ZAP 1oz (thin)
    • 1 - 216 - Kwik-Hinge Slotter
    • If glow:
      • 1 - 785 - Tubing Bender
      • 1 - 666 - Kwik Start Glo Plug Igniter w/Charger
      • 1 - 696 - Exhaust Deflector

WARNING:This product (wheel collars) can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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