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Every so often we like to remind folks that DU-BRO not only makes quality products that help modelers, but we also make most of them in our own factory in Illinois. As many of the other companies in this industry have gone offshore for their production, we have fought diligently to stay with the process that made us who we are.

1 of 7 Injection Molding Machines that run 24 hours a day at DU-BRO

This is not to say that 100% of our products are made in house, but we are proud to say that approximately 80% (or more) of our 1100+ items are! Many people ask us how we do it and still stay competitive with foreign labor. This answer is not necessarily simple. The equipment and product line has been developed for the past 50+ years and we have done our best to stay focused on the products that we can do right and do ourselves. Self-sufficiency is key to our success.

Many of our machines run automatically, but we still have quite a few that require an operator.

Want to see a behind the scenes video of our facility?  Scroll down for the link.

John Halle runs the in-house print shop which makes most of the packaging for DU-BRO

Check out this great Factory Tour video with DU-BRO President Jim Broberg and Michael Kranitz from www.RCFlightDeck.com.

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