Bending your own landing gear

Over the years, we have received many calls on the proper way to bend landing gear.  It is actually a very simple process and with two tools, you can put a clean bend in your landing gear without smashing it with a hammer.  

The stand by method of bending landing gear with a hammer will not only mar the wire and detract from the look of your model, it can be dangerous and there is no need to go to those lengths.  The following steps will get you the information you need and the proper process to bending landing gear for your RC airplane.  You can also watch our video demo below for even more tips.  

  1. Get a mounted bench vise that is secured to a stable workbench or table.  
  2. Use a piece of pipe like standard 1/4" water pipe that can be found at any hardware store or any other places that sell plumbing supplies.  A short scrap piece should do fine. 
  3. Secure the landing gear in the vise with the portion to be bent facing up.  Mark the bend location with a marker and lock it down flush to the top of the vise.  
  4. Place the pipe over the straight wire landing gear and slowly bend the landing gear in the proper direction.  Be cautious during this process and wear safety eye protection.  
  5. Once the pipe cann ot bend the wire anymore, you will notice some reflex in the wire and you will not have a 90º bend yet.  At this point, loosen the vise and raise the wire slightly and re-tighten the vise.  
  6. Place the pipe over the wire again and proceed to bend until the landing gear is at 90º or your desired angle.  

To see this tip in video format, click below.


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