How to Use and Service Inflatable Tires

How to Use and Service Inflatable Tires

Using inflatable tires is easy and another great way to add realism and functional shock absorbing to your model. Knowing how to service them is great too so that you can prolong the life of these quality tires. Here’s a few pointers for using and servicing your inflatable tires:

  • Each wheel and tire comes with an inflator device that can be used with a small length of tubing and a hand pump (sports ball pump or RC retract pump). 
  • It is not recommended to use an electric pump as it is too easy to over-inflate the tires or pop them.
  • A few pumps should do to inflate the tires but use a ruler to ensure they are not inflated beyond their specified diameter. 
  • The tire valves can fail over time and new valves (SKU 809) can be purchased to do this. The inflator can be inserted into the old valve, rocked/rotated gently while pulling to be removed from the tire. 
  • New tire valves are inserted using the same motion in reverse but use a few drops of isopropyl alcohol to lubricate them before insertion. 
  • Axle holes can be drilled out from 3/16 inch up to ¼ inch using a drill press. Manual drilling risks having a wobbly wheel. 

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