How to Install a Ball Link Aileron Connector

How to Install a Ball Link Aileron Connector

Single servo aileron connections can be done the wrong way or the DUBRO way. The Aileron Connector is a sturdy and adjustable way to setup your single-servo aileron where you need to use multiple lengths of push rods. Here’s a few points to keep in mind.

  • Aileron Connector Ball Link (SKU 183) ideally is used in conjunction with a single servo and bellcranks (SKUs 167 and 851). Primarily consider this option if you do not have a single rod long enough to run from one bellcrank to the other.
  • Do NOT drill out E-Z Connectors to make them larger for two push rods. The E-Z connectors are not engineered to work this way and will eventually, over time, fail. 
  • Generally, setup needs to be done while assembling the model. The threaded rod ends are soldered to your push rods. See DU-BRO 101 post onThreaded Rods and Couplers for instructions on how to do this.
  • Reference the image on the back of the product card as a reminder during assembly. 
  • After basic assembly, make fine adjustments to the Aileron Connector push rods to try and get the same amount of travel on both of your bellcranks. 
  • While making fine adjustments, ensure that there is no binding during operation of the servo.

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