Du-Bro 101 – How To Install Turnbuckles on RC Airplanes


This video demonstrates how to use and install a DU-BRO ¼ Scale Turnbuckle. Here are some highlighted notes:

  1. The turnbuckle has two different threaded ends that allows the turnbuckle to be used to loosen or tighten a line by twisting the center barrel section
  2. There is a locking nut that can be tightened up against the barrel to lock the turnbuckle into position using a small screwdriver (or allen key) and needle nose pliers
  3. Affixing each end can be done any number of ways but you can also use nylon-coated beading wire and crimps using similar techniques that were used in our pull-pull line video
  4. Turnbuckles are a beautiful scale addition to your model that will can also be used for functional strength and reinforcement
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