DU-BRO 101: How to Install a Motor Mount

DU-BRO 101: How to Install a Motor Mount

Unique in design, the Du-Bro engine mount system prevents wear and tear on your entire model by reducing vibration. A breeze to install if you take it one step at a time. The installation instructions to this critical step are outlined as follows:  

• Remove the elastomer bushings from the mounts. There are 4 per side of the mount.

• Holes need to be drilled for your specific engine by using the instructions for your model to determine the distance between the firewall and the front of the prop hub on your engine. Don’t forget to account for an additional 5mm of depth for the elastomer!

• Using a small spring clamp, you can mark the hole locations for drilling.

• A clamp or vise is recommended to secure your mounts while you drill them. Also use lubricant when drilling.

• With the mounts cleaned of any metal shavings and bolted to the motor, lubricate your elastomers with castor oil or similar oil.

• Determine the orientation of the motor on your model’s firewall and measure the distance between your mounting holes for your firewall.

• Determine the center point on your firewall and use reference marks to then transfer your mount hole measurements to your firewall.

• If retrofitting, plug old holes using hardwood dowels and epoxy/CA glue.

• After drilling holes, install two blind nuts (supplied) at opposite corners on the inside of your model using another bolt (supplied) and blind nut to compress the nut into the wood.

• Install the motor mounts into your two blind nuts and then install the other two bolts and blind nuts.


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